car seat covers

Posted by batra enterprises on is an online store for all types of car seat cover at reasonable price . we are the manufacturer of car seat cover so provides the customer with customized option of car seat covers and also deliver seat covers all over india . Personalized guidance is provided if needed and also recommends the appropriate product as per the customer need . i will discuss 2 things that should be considered :-

1) Type of fitting customer needs 

2) Material

Types of fittings  ( we are offering on our website )

a) Normal fit :- In this type of seat cover , there are some air spaces in between seat cover and seat of the car . 

 B) Bucket fit :- in this type of seat cover , there are almost nil air spaces between seat cover and seat of the car 

Now a Days in most of the cars bucket fit is recommend by us and preferred by customers .But in bucket fit cost is much higher as compared to normal one so before purchasing bucket fit ( from near by fitter it should be confirmed that will he able to fit bucket fit ) .

2) Material ( we are offering ) 

a) Basic pu leather :- It is artificial leather . It is starting range seat cover . it will be available in the local market  ( depending on the regions )

b) premium pu leather :- it is also artificial leather  but it a branded material so if range permits premium is recommended by us as it will not be available in your local markets .  



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